Our Story

Why Leah Darrow Started the Babies & Dreams Shop

Babies and Dreams was born out of the desire to celebrate new life and all of the Mamas who raise them.

It all began when I was in labor with my fifth baby. Believe it or not, but at that precious moment, I was called to share that having a baby and putting your family first does not keep us women from contributing to the world. 

The video went viral because every Mama KNOWS just how valuable and irreplaceable our children are. 

We also know, instinctively, just how strong we mothers are. While children definitely change our lives and reorganize our priorities, they do not limit our contribution to this world. 

This movement was created for the mother with a dream. A dream to change the world, starting with her own, one diaper change at a time.

This is for the woman who believes that babies deserve to have dreams, too.

This movement is about saying YES to God in all things.

The solution to the world is not killing babies or dreams, it is protecting and defending both!

Babies AND Dreams... Because they ALWAYS go together.

About the Designer

Adilyn Weissler

Beloved Design by Adi

Hi there! My name is Adilyn Weissler and I am an artist and graphic designer but first and foremost I am a mother and wife. My husband, Greg, and I have been blessed with two beautiful boys. They truly are the dream. But when I’m not chasing the boys around or reheating my coffee for the tenth time (all you mamas know what I mean haha) you can find me doodling, sketching, and creating. I find great joy and peace in creating beautiful things for others. My goal as an artist is to remind others that they are beloved. I want them to know that we are God’s beloved and we should hold that truth deep within our hearts. With this goal in mind I created Beloved Design by Adi. This is where I share my joys and my work. You can follow and reach out to me on Instagram at @beloveddesignbyadi. May God bless you abundantly!